1691/1788 García-Martínez Organ


Loaded Version

Memory Requirements 3)

Processor Speed

16-bit, compressed1)

1100 MB

≥ 2 GHz  DualCore 2)

20-bit, compressed

1650 MB

≥ 2 GHz DualCore 2)

24-bit, compressed

2000 MB

≥ 2 GHz  DualCore 2)






Lossless compression (no loss of sound quality!)

Dual-Core, 4 GByte main memory, WIN-XP 64, Vista, Windows7 or MAC OS-X

3) To load this organ into Hauptwerk you will need enough free memory in your computer, due to the amount of playable stops, not including the operating system or any other programs that may be running!

The author is recommending the professional audio card RME HDSP 9632 (WIN XP/XP64) and uses the AKG Reference Headphone K701 for optimal sound and room impression.