1677 Michel Carboni Organ


The following demo pieces were recorded with the Hauptwerk1 software and the virtual organ sample set, with no additional effects processing.

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643)
Toccata avanti la messa I,1 1) 1:23 min
Stop list: (historically modified version, see Specification)
P12, O6,  XV, XIX, XXII, XXVI,  XXIX, Fl VIII, Cb16

Toccata cromatica per l'Elevazione, Messa I, 5 1) 3:27 min
Stop list:  P12, Voc, Cb16

Toccata Messa III, 7 1) 0:55 min
Stop list:  Fl XIII

Antonio Cabezon (1510-1566)
Tiento del secondo modo 2) 3:44 min
Stop list: P12, O6, Fl VIII, Fl XII

Juan Bautista José Cabanillas (1644-1712)
Tiento de falsas 3) 2:08 min
Stop list: P12, O6, XV, Fl VIII

1) MIDI file S. Gheller
2) MIDI file  Simonetto
3) MIDI file  McCoy

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