Reports and OrganArt Reviews
ORGAN_Journal für die Orgel 4/2013
(Publication on the OrganArt Library, Verlag Schott, Mainz, Germany)

American Organist Magazine,  July 2004 1) (Thomas Wichmann, USA

Special Articles

"The French classical organ" (Pierre Dubois, France2)
"Historic Spanish Organs" (Nicolas James, England)

Free Upgrades

Upgrade-Griebenow-PositifToV3.0 | Info UpgradeToV3.0


Reinhardtsgrimma Silbermann Organ PatchV4.0 | Info PatchV4.0

Ottobeuren Riepp Heilig-Geist Organ PatchV4.0 | Info PatchV4.0

Steinkirchen Arp Schnitger  Organ PatchV4.2 | Info PatchV4.2
Steinkirchen Arp Schnitger  Organ PatchV4.1
| Info PatchV4.1
Steinkirchen Arp Schnitger  Organ PatchV4.0 | Info PatchV4.0 

Arlesheim J.A. Silbermann Organ PatchV3.1 | Info PatchV3.1
Arlesheim J.A. Silbermann Organ PatchV3.01 | Info PatchV3.01
Arlesheim J.A. Silbermann Organ PatchV3.0
| Info PatchV3.0

Stade Hus-Schnitger Organ PatchV3.0 | Info PatchV3.0

Wernigerode Ladegast Organ PatchV4.1 | Info PatchV4.1
Wernigerode Ladegast Organ PatchV4.0 | Info PatchV4.0

Ebersmunster Silbermann Organ PatchV3.3 | Info PatchV3.3
Ebersmunster Silbermann Organ PatchV3.2
| Info PatchV3.2
Ebersmunster Silbermann Organ PatchV3.1
| Info PatchV3.1
Ebersmünster Silbermann Organ PatchV3.0
| Info PatchV3.0

Dortmund Sauer Organ PatchV3.2 | Info PatchV3.2
Dortmund Sauer Organ PatchV3.0
| Info PatchV3.0

Waltershausen Trost Organ PatchV3.2 | Info PatchV3.2
Waltershausen Trost Organ PatchV3.1
| Info PatchV3.1
Waltershausen Trost Organ PatchV3.0 | Info PatchV3.0

Vollenhove Bosch-Schnitger Organ PatchV3.02 | Info PatchV3.02
Vollenhove Bosch-Schnitger Organ PatchV3.01
| Info PatchV3.01
Vollenhove Bosch-Schnitger Organ PatchV3.0
| Info PatchV3.0
Vollenhove Bosch-Schnitger Organ PatchV1.0 | Info PatchV1.0

Ducroquet-CColl-PatchV2.2 | Info PatchV2.2
Ducroquet-CColl-000215- PatchV2.21 | Info PatchV2.21
Ducroquet-CColl-000216- PatchV2.21

Engelfried-000245- PatchV3.0 | Info PatchV3.0

(Fixing Cornett for versions 1.0-1.30)

Callido Fix for HW4 Import | Info HW4 Fix


Download vanBasco's MIDI-Player


Organ extensions
Roquemaure small screen (1024*768, 15" monitors) (for Roquemaure V1.10)
For Roquemaure organ versions including V1.10:
Roquemaure splitting point C-C# (provided by Stuart Frankel with permission)
Roquemaure splitting point C-C# Short Octave (provided by Stuart Frankel with permission)

1) Reprinted by permission of The American Organist Magazine, © 2004 by the American Guild of Organists
2) Reprinted by permission of Goldberg Magazine

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